Did Nintendo Really Make the Best Decision for Swapnotes?

Not too long ago, Nintendo made quite the unexpected move. After releasing the 3DS with the Swapnotes software to communicate with your friends for three years, the software was suddenly pulled this week. Needless to say, this is quite a blow, both for the company and the consumer, as now there is no online… »11/02/13 1:27am11/02/13 1:27am

My Time With Killzone: Mercenary

If there's one title that I was particularly excited since the day I prepurchased the Vita, it was Killzone 3. Sadly, the ability to play it in the comfort of my own bed with Sony's portable via remote play would never happen. Luckily, I had the next best thing waiting for me on the horizon: an actual, portable… »9/20/13 4:50pm9/20/13 4:50pm

Why Blacklist Probably Won't Work

Before continuing, I want to make this clear: This isn't a rant by a fan/"fan"/purist of the franchise. This isn't a statement made by someone who is upset about the change of Sam Fisher's voice actor and his illogical role as a younger version of himself in the future. This isn't a biased complaint about the addition… »7/27/13 1:34pm7/27/13 1:34pm

These Games Should Be On The Vita, And Here's Why.

The Vita is a fantastic console in its own right, with a powerful graphics card, a nice touch screen / button input interface, and an oh, so addictive and satisfying "swipe to quit the program" mechanic (which I believe I spent more time on than many of the games on it, simply because it's that addictive). But when… »7/11/13 4:46pm7/11/13 4:46pm

Why It Could Work - Killing Floor: Calamity

Killing Floor is one of arguably one of the greatest zombie slaying games of all time. If not for its gameplay or fun factor, then at least in the sales department, and the fact that it is still one of the most played games on Steam, despite releasing as a free mod in 2005 and then re-released as a standalone game in… »7/04/13 5:47pm7/04/13 5:47pm

Oh, Grinder, Wherefore Art Thou?

Not many of you are familiar with the once-promising-game-turned-vaporware-by-publisher game, The Grinder. Even less of you, if you never owned a Nintendo Wii. But for the longest time, High Voltage Software, of Hunter and The Conduit fame, have promised a four-player split screen co-op shoot-em-up on the Wii, with a… »6/12/13 12:43pm6/12/13 12:43pm

NotGoodForReview - Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

There’s something to be said about brutal honesty, especially with yourself. In the age where single player first person shooters attempt to hide the fact that they are nothing more than a glorified shooting gallery, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger doesn’t even take a second before admitting that it is nothing but. Heck,… »6/10/13 7:47pm6/10/13 7:47pm

Soul Sacrifice is out now. But don't buy it just yet.

Soul Sacrifice, the monster hunting, team-killing, system selling, co-op fantasy game, is officially available in North America. If you own a Vita and haven't sold it yet, consider yourself a lucky man. There is finally a new title out now that is worth your time amid a very lackluster library (save for a select few). »4/30/13 5:49pm4/30/13 5:49pm